Volledige kroniek van de Nederlandse Soefi historie: Periode van 1915 tot 2016

Contributors to The Sufi (Quarterly)

Contributors to The Sufi (Quarterly)


General Information on The Sufi Quarterly


1915 – 1920 Sufi (A Quarterly Sufi Message)
editor: Hazrat Inayat Khan,    sub-editors Regina Miriam Bloch and  Zohra Williams
5 years


1921 – 1924 Sufism (A Quarterly Magazine for seekers after truth)
editor: Sophia Saintsbury Green
4 years

The Sufi Quarterly

(June) 1925 – (December) 1932 The Sufi Quarterly 
editor: Mumtaz Armstrong
7 years

The Sufi

1933 – 1939 The Sufi, A Bi-Annual Journal of Mysticism
editor: Margaret Skinner
7 years

First issue: February 1915 – Last issue: July 1939

Total amount of issues: …

Contributors listed so far: 192

You can download the full document by clicking the following link: contributors to the SQ with cover pdf

Some notes:

  1. This document is a first draft.
  2. 192 authors are listed (over 45 women among them)
  3. The chapter: ‘Relevant social developments, phenomena and movements in the period 1915 – 1938 needs further elaboration.
  4. Contributors are listed in alphabetical order of their surname.


Unsolved questions:

  1. Gods Garden sept 1922 by whom??
    UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, OXFORD. Two poems. June 1923 source?
  3. The Soul and the Beloved (September 1923, page 21 by whom?)
  4. Karma and Reincarnation, December 1923 p. 5 by whom?
  5. Spiritual Healing, March 1924, by whom? Kefayat Lloyd?
  6. Who is hidden behind the alias Burkerar? A poem in March 1924 called: Response