Volledige kroniek van de Nederlandse Soefi historie: Periode van 1915 tot 2016

List of persons

List of persons


It is of course unfeasible within the scope of this list to include all mureeds of the Sufi Movement of the past hundred years. A choice therefore has been made to list the names of Sufi leaders of the first and second generation (roughly the period 1910 – 1980).
An exception has been made for the Khan family. This list runs from the grandfather of Inayat Khan, Maulabakhsh, up to Pir Zia, the son of Vilayat Inayat-Khan (1833 – present).
Finally the reader will notice an emphasis on the group of Dutch mureeds. This has to do both with the original audience of the Compendium from 2014 and the source material that has been at my disposal. Again, contributions of other nationalities and Hazrati organisations are welcome.

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