Volledige kroniek van de Nederlandse Soefi historie: Periode van 1915 tot 2016



Meyer – von Reutercrona, Mrs Hilda, Sheikha Sarferaz

1863 –

Born in Sweden. At the age of 28 she left for South America and married the widower of her cousin. There were already four children and together they got a fifth child. In 1904, when Hilda was 41, the couple left Buenos Aires for Brussels. During the war of ’14 – ’18 the couple stayed in their country house in Switzerland. In the winter of ’22 – ’23 she goes to a lecture by Inayat Khan in Brussels, after seeing a portrait of him with a friend and becoming interested. She had been engaged in a spiritual search for a long time. Two days later she heard Murshid speak in a private house. Later in Switzerland, Murshid comes to see her home where she was initiated. In Bern in 1923 she is made  National Representative of Switzerland by Murshid.

Almgren, Alim

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Almgren, Shanti

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Angström,  Karima Anna-Greta

19 februari 1903 – 1999

Swedish mureed, visited the summer schools from the 30s. Was in the 40s, 50s and 60s national representative of Sweden as successor to Ulma Haglund who died in 1943. Karima himself reached the age of 96.

Bergström, Jamuna

Swedish mureed who assisted Murshid Ali Khan in the 1950s when he stayed in Geneva in the Headquarters apartment (Rue John Rehfous 11).

Rue John Rehfous 11, Genève

Haglund, Ulma (Elsa Maria) Khalifa                          

June 5, 1892 –  August 23, 1943

When Elsa Maria Haglund was born on 5 June 1892, in Norrköping, Norrköping Sankt Olai, Östergötland, Sweden, her father, Anders Gustaf Alfred Haglund, was 44 and her mother, Emma Carolina Bergström, was 42.

Swedish mureed and center leader in Stockholm. In 1924 she met Inayat Khan who held a lecture in Stockholm (in the buildings of the Medical Society in Klara Östra Kyrkogata 10). She then founded a department of the Sufi Movement in Sweden. She published articles in The Sufi Quarterly in the 1930’s and translated a number of books by Hazrat Inayat Khan into Swedish. She was typified by him as Biqimti, i.e. Priceless.

The Sufi Movement had its first premises in Snickarbacken 6, in Humlegården in Stockholm. Elsa Haglund himself lived in Kungstensgatan 3, just below the Engelbrekt Church, a few hundred meters to the north.

Elsa died of tuberculosis in 1943.

Berild, Munir

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Berild, Karim


Son of Munir Berild ?